Free MLM – FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Free MLM and their answers :)

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What is Free MLM? 

Free MLM is a network company that sells effective and user-friendly websites at a very affordable price.

How to make money with Free MLM? 

You have three great options and you are free to try them all:

  • By buying very cheap websites from the company and sell them to customers for more money without having to explain them anything about Free MLM. Sites are activated very quickly, so you can sell them to clients (by showing them a demo version) before you even bought them from us :)
  • By attracting people (associates) who buy sites and join Free MLM (so their website is cheaper). You will not immediately earn as much money as in the case above, but on each subsequent sale of  someone attracted by you and his network (everyone that he drew), you get a commission.
  • By attracting people (partners) who may not want a website and join for free because they want the same as you – to make money. You get different commissions (special bonus) from the sales of all involved partners and their networks.

What Is a Network (MLM) company?

A Network (MLM) company is one in which independent associates sell products to customers and invite others to join the company, earning bonuses from their sales as well as from their own. Oriflame, Avon, Amway, Herbalife, Forever Living Products, LR and many other large companies are network companies.

What is the difference between Free MLM and the scam schemes known as “pyramids”? 

In pyramids everyone joins by giving some money, while in Free MLM this is not necessary. Moreover, who wants to buy a website, does it at a much lower price than usual. The structure of Free MLM is farther away from the pyramid model than any other famous MLM company.

What is the difference between Free MLM and other MLM companies?

Unlike almost all other companies in which the basic principle for recruiting new people is by manipulative presentations, revealing only the good aspects of the company, Free MLM has no hidden traps and everything is completely transparent. The terms for doing business with us are so good, that there is no need to tell half the truth.

Why are most MLM companies manipulative, but not Free MLM? Is it just a question of morality?

Actually, it is not just a matter of morality, but financial planning as well. MLM companies, that sell products, have high production costs and other expenses for supplies, offices and warehouses and have made huge investments to start. They do not have much money to give their associates and this is why they have tons of restrictions and cannot afford to be generous. Of course it is not nice to hear such things at a company presentation and so they say only the nice part of the truth… and tell you to do the same, and this is where the lies and manipulations begin :(

How can Free MLM afford to be a generous and fair company?

Mostly because this is our goal! But also because our virtual service (websites) does not require high production and delivery costs and does not require such huge investments, as building a cosmetics factory, for example. Therefore we can afford to be generous and cool :)

Are there any restrictions for doing business with Free MLM? 

Almost none. Still don’t forget you should protect the good name of the company, so please do not break laws and ethical standards.

The marketing plan seems very complicated, should I know it in all detail?

In general, you can earn lots of money with Free MLM, without having any idea of ​​the marketing plan, but only knowing that you should attract many partners and associates. You may not even know the product in detail. However, if you have basic knowledge of the marketing plan and the websites, you will attract people more successfully. So you can get familiar with both of them – it only takes about 1 hour. The company will send you info on the subject in the email immediately after your registration. Marketing plan cannot be simple (as in almost all MLM companies) in order for the money in the company to be distributed as fairly as possible :)

You offer eternal web hosting with the websites? Isn’t it a little suspicious to get an eternal service with a single payment? Such an offer does not exist anywhere else?

Free MLM is a project of the hosting company Internet Corporated Networks (ICN), therefore, free hosting is not a problem. The resources of the company’s servers are very high and could maintain millions of websites without additional costs. Of course you will be right to say “nothing is eternal”. But if one day the big hosting company is closed, you will get your site as an archive of files (design) and database (content) and you can upload it on any standard hosting anywhere. In fact you can do this any time you want and become completely independent from us :)

Everything sounds too good, are there disadvantages in Free MLM?

Everything has disadvantages :) Free MLM sells websites, which, unlike health products, cosmetics and other popular MLM products, are purchased only once. So in Free MLM it is difficult to rely on income stability. There will be ups and downs, but our bonuses are so big that during the ups you will earn lots of money. The downs won’t hurt, because the levels in Free MLM cannot be lost, once achieved. In addition in Free MLM everything is very easy and no one will make you work – when things are in decline you can relax and go with the flow, without losing anything. We know about our disadvantage and so we made our marketing plan according to it, so that everyone is satisfied and happy:)

When will Free MLM start?

We are close to the final line and if everything goes well we will start around September 30. Do not forget to leave your email address and like us on Facebook and we will notify you 10 days before the start and at the very start as well.

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