Free MLM will be selling cheap, user friendly websites

Free MLM will be selling websites. They will be very easy to buy, easy to use and update and therefore – easy to sell :) And last but not least – they will be very very cheap…
The price of 50 euros for a site with practically unlimited number of pages, that includes a lot of great features and hundreds of professionally made designs is already low enough, but we will also add free hosting for many years ahead. This price is 2 to 5 times lower than the average price in the whole world for a similar site + hosting.

The sites for 175 € will include an online store with all features and payment methods needed + vouchers for advertising in Google Adwords worth $ 100 and for Facebook Ads worth $ 50. This offer also goes with free hosting and again there is no such thing in the world comparing the price / quality ratio.

All websites will be based on the most user friendly and popular system (CMS) for web sites and blogs in the world - WordPress. However, if you need help setting up a website, you’re just a click away (click here now). The system is multilingual (so you can sell sites worldwide) and has been enriched with professional themes (designs) and plugins (features). So using the best platform we make something even better for you :)

There will be an online demo 100% idendical to the product for the two types of websites, so each buyer can try and decide for himself whether he likes what he is going to buy. Therefore selling websites with Free MLM will not require any technical knowledge …

The official products for sale in Free MLM are:

  • a) Small website, which costs 50 € and gives 100 points in the MLM system.
  • b) Large website, which costs 175 € and gives 300 points in the MLM system (includes vouchers for advertising in Google Adwords and Facebook Ads and an online shop module)
  • c) Upgrade from small to large website, which costs 125 € and gives 200 points in the MLM system.
  • d) The right to choose any design (WordPress theme) for a small website, which cost 5 € and gives no points.
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4 thoughts on “Free MLM will be selling cheap, user friendly websites

  1. Hi – The price of a small website is quoted as being 50 Euros. That is about $66 dollars, US. Is this a one time fee, a monthly fee or an annual fee? What is the definition of a small website? What is a large website? Best, Steve Downing

  2. Hi,
    A “small” website has everything most websites need, and a “large” website has an online shopping module and 150$ in Adwords and Facebook ads vouchers added.
    The prices are one time, no subscriptions and other payments whatsoever, you have to pay only for your domain name.