Free MLM marketing plan

In order to easily understand the marketing plan of Free MLM, which at first may seem complicated, we will start by briefly explaining how we came up with its unusual form.

Most of the big world MLM companies are trying to imply the idea of ​​freedom and independence, but in fact they impose on their distributors many limitations so that the machine for making money will go on smoothly forever. As a result many people inevitably get frustrated and give up. Moreover, most of the companies require money or purchases at the beginning, which makes them suspiciously close to pyramids scams. So to conceal their real nature their distributors are forced to lie to people or at least not to tell them the whole truth in order to have success.

From the inception of the idea of ​​Free MLM we are determined that things can be in a different way, without following this manipulative outdated scheme :)
So we decided to build a marketing plan that gives you the freedom:

  • To buy or not to buy;
  • To sell or not to sell;
  • To work online or face to face;
  • To work in any country you want;
  • To work or not to work – if you do not want to deal with Free MLM for a week, month, year … you will not lose anything but keep all your privileges;

In each MLM company people are generally divided into those who want to use the product and those who want to earn money.

We respect this difference and do not want to unnecessarily impose anything on anyone. Therefore, we have 2 types of joining:

  • As an associate who buys the product for personal use and does business in the future only if he wants to.
  • As a partner – the partner joins for free (no purchase) and does not have a sponsor (the person above him in the structure). Of course he can buy the product immediately or in the future if he wants to.

Joining as an associate is mainly for users, while partners who want to do business have additional options for bonuses and join for free so that they will not be at risk of losing even a single €. For most MLM companies the disappointed people who have joined, paid and then gave up are an excellent source of income, but we do not want to and will not benefit like this. 

Associates and partners can be joined freely:

  • Partner can attract associate beneath him;
  • Associate can bring in another associate beneath him;
  • Partner may attract another partner who is not beneath him but starts his own tree. Although they work in parallel, the first gets a special bonus (see below) from the latter.
  • Associate can attract another partner who is not under him and starts his own tree. Although they work in parallel, the associate gets a special bonus (see below) from a partner.

Thus everyone in Free MLM has a unique freedom to attract (potentialy) interested people in 3 principally different ways, depending on their desires and possibilities: 

  • Users – as associates that buy the product without later being prevented from doing business if they want or even to re-register as partners – a situation which is made in the marketing plan in a way that no one loses  when it comes to bonuses;
  • People with great possibilities – as partners so they can benefit from huge bonuses, which only apply to partners. A partner with great possibilities to attract people (typically one with a large network in another MLM company) can quickly build a large network of associates and benefit from the leadership bonus (see below).
  • People with fewer opportunities or uncertain in their abilities – as partners so they will try to achieve something with Free MLM without any risk because they have not paid anything. (Experienced MLM-ers will say that guys, that are not confident could not ever achieve anything, but in this case they would be wrong. Free MLM will automatically give each registered partner a great marketing tool for Internet based work, with which even a child would attract new people as long as it tries).

In this way, with the many attracted partners that joined for free, your network can easily grow to enormous size and you will most likely earn as much money as you deserve for the time you spent and for the efforts you made from the very beginning…

After explaining why there are partners and how the special bonus works (which is related to affiliate marketing and is very unusual type of bonus for MLM), we can proceed with the marketing plan in its pure form:

Turnover consists of products bought by people in the system (partners and associates) and is measured in points (1 point = 0.50 €). Each partner and associate has a monthly Group Turnover (GT), equal to his personal monthly points + the points of everyone in his tree beneath him. The attracted partners give a special bonus, but they are not a part of your group turnover, because they are not in the same tree as you! 

Calculating bonuses in the Free MLM marketing plan

A) Basic Bonus
The level of associate/partner is based on the strongest month so far (can be the last month before the first day, when the bonus is calculated) considering the Group Turnover (GT):

  • For 0-475 GT points in the strongest month so far -> 5% (distributor)
  • For 500-1475 GT points in the strongest month so far -> 15% (supervisor)
  • For 1500-2975 GT points in the strongest month so far -> 25% (manager)
  • For 3000 + GT points in the strongest month so far -> 40% (president)

(These levels are not lost month to month and cannot go downwards, only upwards)
Once the levels are set 2 types of bonuses are calculated which are later added to form the basic bonus:

» Bonus on personal turnover
This is the percentage of the level, multiplied by the personal turnover for the last month. For example the level 25 % (manager) and € 200 personal turnover for the last month form € 50 bonus on personnel turnover.

» Bonus on group turnover
It is formed as the sum of bonuses of each first line associates (associates only, not partners). The bonus on any first line is the difference in the percentage levels of the two, multiplied by the group turnover (GT) of the first line.

The Basic bonus in Free MLM

The Basic bonus in Free MLM

Another example:

An associate / partner at level President (40%) has a first-line of: Distributor (5%) with € 200 GT for the last month; Supervisor (15%) with € 500 GT for the last month and Manager (25%) with € 1000 group turnover for the last month. The bonus on group turnover will be:

200 (40-5) / 100 + 500 (40-15) / 100) + 1000 (40-25) / 100 = 70 +100 +150 = 320 €

B) Presidential bonus
Bonus only for associates and partners that have reached President level (40%) which they receive from their first line Presidents (also 40%), based on the number of presidents at first and second level below. The president levels are determined according to this number:

  • President without other presidents beneath him – 0%
  • 1 president of first and second level – 6%
  • 2 presidents of first and second level – 7%
  • 3 presidents of first and second level – 8%
  • 4 presidents of first and second level – 9%
  • 5 + presidents of first and second level – 10%

The bonus is paid as the difference between the percentages, multiplied by GT according to the differences in the levels between the presidents, just as in the Basic bonus. For example:

An associate / partner at President level (40%) has 2 first lines Presidents (40%) respectively with € 2,000 and € 3,000 GT for the last month. Below them there are no other Presidents which means that the Presidential bonus will be:

2000(7-0)/100 + 3000(7-0)/100) = 140+210 = 350 €.

C) Special Bonus
Special bonus is a bonus for attracting new partners (not associates, partners only) in the company. It can be obtained from both partners and associates.
The newly attracted partners in the company may be attracted by other partners and associates, this information being kept in the system (by whom the partner was attracted) so that the partner/associate, who attracted the new partner (and even the one who attracted this one), get their special bonus every month.

Free MLM "Special bonus"

"Special bonus"

Everyone who has attracted a partner on each first day of the month (forever) gets 10 % of the group turnover of the new partner for the last month.
Anyone who has attracted (whether as partner or associate) a person who then has attracted a partner, on each first day (forever) gets 3 % of group turnover of the second level partner (attracted by attracted) for the last month.

D) Leadership Bonus
Leadership bonus applies only to partners (not associates!) 
In order for a partner to qualify for the Leadership Bonus, only the period of 4 months after the registration of a partner in Free MLM are taken into consideration, extended until the end of the last month of the period. For example if registered on March 10, the period is March 10 – July 31.

If for this period of 4-5 months the total group turnover (for the whole period) is 5000 or more points the determined leadership levels are:

  • 5000-9975 points – Leadership Level 1 (+5%)
  • 10000-24975 points – Leadership Level 2 (+10%)
  • 25000-99975 points – Leadership Level 3 (+12%)
  • 100000+ points – Leadership Level 4 (+15%)

If the partner qualifies for Leadership Bonus:
1) Immediately after the classification period is over the earned leadership bonus percent of the total group turnover from the registration to the present moment (on the first day, along with other bonuses) is paid (according to the bonus level).

2) In each subsequent month an additional bonus (according to the leadership level) of the partner’s group turnover for the month is paid.

Example: A partner registers on May 10 and by Sept. 30 has made 12,000 points total group turnover. He receives a Leadership Level 2 (+ 10 %) and on October 1 he is paid 10 % leadership bonus (€ 600). On each subsequent first day, along with other bonuses, he receives 10 % of the achieved group turnover for the last month.

E) VIP bonus
VIP bonus is given personally by the company to partners with a special role in the popularization of Free MLM. Typically, these are people who have big Web sites with a lot of visits or other media advertising opportunities and use them to attract people, increasing our popularity. We express our gratitude to them by giving them a VIP bonus of 5 or 10 % of their total group turnover forever. Whoever wants to apply for the VIP bonus, write us at saying how you can help for the popularization of Free MLM.


On each first day of the month the system calculates the bonuses of everybody for the last month in points, divides them by 2 to get them into Euro and within a few days the money are transferred to you. The best way for us, and we guess for you too, is Paypal, so you can make an account there right now, which will be very useful. If you have not stated a method of payment, bonuses will accumulate until you do so.


One final note. It is clear for us that the special bonus can be exploited by registering yourself, then your grandmother and great-grandmother as partners for free and then work on behalf of your great-grandmother in order to get additional 10 % + 3 % of the turnover. We do not mind you doing this only if you have found Free MLM by yourself and you have signed up – we are not so stingy. But if someone else has attracted you as a partner and you make such a scheme you practically steal the special bonus that the person who attracted you deserves, which is unacceptable. Our system will check for such cases since they are easy to spot and such people will be deactivated..

If you have questions about the marketing plan please do comment. Soon we will add some nice colorful figures so that the examples of the bonuses in the marketing plan will become clearer.

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